• Personal Information

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    The account information let you enter optional personal information that may be used in communications from Pakker, for example when sharing a pack with other users. It includes:

    1. The first name of the account owner
    2. The last name of the account owner
    3. The account owner's title
    4. The account owner's organization
    5. The information is then saved with the Update button
  • Subscription

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    Choose your right plan

    You can change the plan any time you want by clicking on the Click to subscribe button. Please see the upgrade and downgrade conditions in our terms of services.

  • Security

    In the secure zone, you can perform various important tasks related to your account as explained below.

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    Secure zone

    Change of password​.

    To change your password you can enter the new one in the Password field (1), confirm the new password in the field (2) and then save the new password with the button Update Password (3).

    If you have used your Google account to signin in Pakker, this option will be disabled.


    Transfer your content.

    You can change the ownership of all your packs to another new owner. For this you need to give an existing account email address in (4), confirm it in (5) and perform the transfer by pressing on the button Transfer all my packs (6).

    Please note that you can only transfer packs to an account with a standard or above subscription.


    Cancel your Account

    This will cancel your account and delete all your owned packs from our servers. If you really want to do this (remember that you can switch to a free subscription if you don't want to change your packs anymore) you need to enter your account e-mail in (7) and then press the Cancel Account button (8)

  • Billing

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    Pakker financials in one view

    In the billing zone, you can see all financial information related to your account. If you have a free subscription, the information in this zone will remain empty until you change your subscription.


    We tell you when the next time we will charge your credit card and how much in (1)


    If you want to change your credit crd, you can do it at any time by pressing the I want to update my credit card button (2)


    All previous billings are listed with details in the invoice list (3).